Pop Co-Op single, Ten Times Today, appearing on the Waterloo Sunset compilation album on Futureman Records. Benefit for This is Rock 'n' Roll Radio (TIR'n'RR) with Dana and Carl, airing on Spark Syracuse, Sunday nights from 9pm-12am.


Waterloo Sunset TIR'n'RR Benefit

Released: July 21, 2019
Futureman Records

Available on:

Waterloo Sunset - Benefit for This is Rock 'n' Roll Radio


Ten times today I made a decision
Ten times today I walked it back
Drifting through seas of cold derision
This water feels so hard and black
But the thing that haunts me
Is the price it cost me

Ten times today I turned my cheek
I thought I knew you from somewhere
I got no prize for seeming weak
Reached out but there was nothing there
Maybe someone called my bluff
Maybe ten times ain’t enough

Gods and dogs are dancing on my shoulder
Saints and monsters whispering in my ear
They’re suiting up for battles in the ring
Winter’s breath is making me much older
And as I stumble through my year
Which windows will be shuttered in the Spring?
Ten times today I made a decision
I’ll follow through - I said I would
We’ve suffered through this long division
It’s time to multiply the good
Multiply the good

Music: Stoeckel
Lyrics: Stoeckel & Carson
Lead vocals: Carson & Stoeckel
Backing vocals: Gordon
Electric Guitar: Tinnel
Acoustic Guitar: Tinnel & Stoeckel
Bass: Stoeckel
Drums: Carson
Mix: Carson

Cover art: Laura Tinnel & Keith Klingensmith