The Band

Steve: “Facebook started it. I met Joel Tinnel, who was a Spongetones fan and also a great guitarist. I started enlisting him on solo tunes I was recording. Also, there's a Sunday internet radio show we listen to called ‘This Is Rock'n'Roll Radio’ (TIRR’N’R), hosted by Dana Bonn and Carl Cafarelli. I connected with several other folks there and started a songwriting exercise, just a fun and casual thing where I'd come up with a title and a theme, and we'd all contribute lyrics. I'd then record it (again with Joel on guitar) and put it out on Facebook.”

Bruce: “I recorded two solo albums under the persona of Mr. Encrypto. After sending them out to college and community stations far and wide, I began to notice that TIRR’N’R seemed to have taken a shine to some of my songs.”

Joel: "I heard the first of Steve's Facebook collaboration song, ‘I Could Be Good For You,’ available on the compilation ‘This Is Rock And Roll Radio Vol 3.’ That's when I got, er, pushy. ‘It needs a guitar solo. How would you feel about making a hole in the middle..?’ To his credit, Steve gave me 16 bars, and he loved it.

Around that time, TIRR’N’R, played some songs by the intriguingly named Mr. Encrypto. I dug Bruce's songs and obtained copies of his work; we chatted a bit and stayed in touch online. A few months later, business drew him to DC, and we met for dinner with some mutual friends. As we were saying our goodbyes, I mentioned that I had some studio gear, and that if he ever wanted a guitarist, he should give me a call. So the idea of working with Bruce had crossed my mind at least once.”

Steve: “Joel and I had talked about doing something bigger-- a real record. When he brought Bruce into the mix with a project (recording a cover of Big Star's "September Gurls."), I was struck by the sound of Bruce's voice, and when Joel sent me an a capella song with lush vocal arrangements Bruce had done, I knew this was a perfect fit.

Then Bruce mentioned a friend of his, Stacy Carson, a drummer who had worked in a professional recording studio. Stacy and Bruce both joined one of my Facebook songwriting projects with lyrics that jumped off the page. So, I sent Stacy and Bruce a tune with the title ‘Forgotten Secrets,’ with no words, just a melody."

Stacy: "I knew this was going to be great when Bruce and I would be working on lyrics together and one of us would misinterpret some idea the other one had, only to have us both agree that the misinterpretation worked perfectly!"

Steve: "Within a day, they came back with a collaboration that was perfect. Sometimes you just know when the lyrics are the right one. It was all over after that. I said we must make a record, and we were off on a creative tear, writing music and lyrics in every combination. We did this while living in four separate states (hence the title of our first CD).

The thing I love most about this band is that everyone brings both unique and common talents to the table. Stacy plays all the drums and percussion, Joel does the heavy lifting on electric guitar (solos included), Bruce excels at vocal arrangements, and I play the bass parts and also double on guitars. But we all write, record, produce and mix these tunes, which is very unusual in a band.”